Thoughts 1: Show Me It’s Not True

I have a tendency to give a little too much, it actually irritates my partner. I know that it is weird to say something like that, but I literally cannot control wanting to help and give to others. I get so much enjoyment out of it that I am willing to sacrifice beyond my own means. I am the kind of person that would give my last granola bar even if it meant I would go hungry.

I don’t usually talk about when or how I give to people because it is something that I do for myself.

However, today something very interesting happened to me. I noticed a homeless family, a mother and her two young kids (they were between the ages of 3-6), sitting outside near the coffee shop I frequent. I felt like I needed to give those kids some food and their mother. I asked the barista if they had anything for kids, so she gave me these healthy-organic-fruit-things. In addition, I grabbed a few turkey sandwiches. She asked me why I wanted so many healthy-organic-fruit-things so I quickly mumbled, “they are for the family outside.”

Instantly, she said “you are so nice, it is rare that people do things like that for others.”

I looked at her and said, “naw, that’s not true.”

That is not true, it cannot be true. So, I was thinking today about how I wanted to hear about those stories. I want to hear about the kind gestures that people do for others. I know in my heart there are people just like me, who love to give. Please tell me and share with me your acts of kindness, so we can show people there are LOTS of people who helps others. Comment, email, or Instagram me. I want to hear all about your gestures– it can be from opening a door for someone, to giving someone a penny.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts 1: Show Me It’s Not True

  1. I used to love to give
    But then I stopped because people didn’t appreciate it and took my kindness for granted.. I know when giving you not supposed to expect anything in return, why is it that people who give, when they are in their own time of need its like the whole world turns their back on them not withstanding all the good deeds done.

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    1. Yeka, I have been thinking about your comment for a little while. I asked some friends about giving… and they had the same response as you. Isn’t that interesting?

      The other day this older homeless man asked me for a coffee and a sandwich. I bought him a sandwich, and he said “where is the coffee.” I said, “ok, enjoy your sandwich” so he decided to ask for my number and ask me on a date.

      It was a strange situation and I totally get it. I appreciate your comment more than you know. This past week has been a very eye-opening experience!

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