Chapter 4: Being Bullied Was The Cherry On Top

I may not have had an attentive, nurturing mother but at least I had my two best friends.

Or so I thought.

It all happened very quickly and I am still not sure what happened to this day. I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus to school just like I did everyday and there they were my two best friends. They saw me walking up to them and immediately turned their backs toward me. I tried speaking to them, but they both stared straight ahead and ignored me. Was this happening?

They were shutting me out.

They didn’t want to be my friend anymore.

From that moment on, those two girls would spend the next few weeks telling everyone in our class to hate me. So everyone did.

At one point some classmates invited me over to their house for a party. It turns out that I was the highlight of the party. They invited me over to have a boy classmate punch me in the face and throw me on the ground. All of them

left me there

on the ground


Just when I thought things were as bad as they could get… they got worse. I couldn’t walk down the school hallways without someone pushing me. A group of girls chased me down and tried to cut off my hair. I was taunted and made fun of My mother was to busy drinking to reach out to the principle, or even ask me if I was ok. The principle told me that they were just being kids and they would stop eventually. Nothing was done and school became UNBEARABLE. So, I stopped going to school and no one even noticed.

I would sit at home all day watching Jerry Springer and do absolutely nothing. Once, I tried to walk to the market to get some snacks, but a group of six girls ended up spotting me and they chased me down. I ran-and-ran-and-ran-and-ran-and-ran until they couldn’t find me. I hid in the woods for a while and cried until I felt like it was safe to walk back home.

After about a year I started at a new alternative school. I did NOT fit in. I started getting bullied there as well. I was awkward and my social skills made it hard for me to not only make friends, but keep them. I begged my mother to move every-single-day. I couldn’t go to school. I couldn’t go outside. I couldn’t escape my mother. I was miserable. Three years after the initial bullying instance we finally moved to a different state. My life was so bad we had to move STATES.

I had no caring mother, no friends, no love. When I started getting bullied I lost everything that was positive in my life. Bullying was the cherry on top of my miserable ice cream sundae of a life.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Being Bullied Was The Cherry On Top

  1. Just so you know, the “Like” is for how well you wrote this, not for the bullying. It really hurts my heart for you to read this, but there are teens who need to know that they are not alone. I hope this helps them to know that they aren’t alone and that things do get better, as they did for you.

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  2. It’s heart-breaking experience for sure. You’ve made an amazing recovery. I almost got into this as well. But in my case, I schooles with all three of my elder brothers who protected me

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